Raney - Isle of Palms

Our commitment to going green began many years ago. Our planet needs people like us taking steps to help save her. Due to current tax incentives from both the State and Federal governments, the cost of installing renewable energy devices has become dramatically more affordable.

After doing some research, we chose Edgewater for our projects. They have experience and knowledge in this area, and a well-deserved strong reputation. They also have the strongest warranty in the business – something that figured highly in our selection.

So far, we have installed a solar water heating system and a water-to-air space heating system for supplemental heat in the winter. We plan to install more devices over time.

The Edgewater crew proved to be reliable, polite, dependable, and trustworthy. They were very professional and they kept the job site neat and clean throughout the entire project. More importantly, they took the time to answer any and all questions and concerns as the project progressed.

They were very easy to communicate with. Whenever an issue arose they would discuss it with us and fix it to our satisfaction – at no additional cost.

Being this thorough means the job took a little longer than anticipated, but the job was done right!

We recommend Edgewater without reservation. We are planning to have them install our Photovoltaic system at the end of this year – something we obviously wouldn’t consider if we were not very satisfied with the company.

We would specifically like to thank Kevin Crout, owner and manager of Edgewater Energy Services, who personally watched over the entire process, and continues to be a source of help and information!

Burgess - Summerville, SC


In March, 2009 Edgewater Energy installed a solar system to heat our pool. They answered all our questions, gave us references, and we visited a property West of Ashley where a system was installed.  The owner was very pleased with their system, and enjoyed working with Edgewater.

After feeling satisfied with the company, salesman, and not being forced to make up our mind, we decided to have the system installed.  It took them three days to have the installation completed.  They left our yard just like they found it cleaning up all construction debris. They were very professional, and helped us understand how the system worked.

The thermostat on the system can be set up to 104 degrees, but we had it set at 90 degrees.  It was a pleasure to enter the pool and immediately feel comfortable swimming.  Another benefit of the solar system is that my electric bill has not changed. If I had heated the pool with a heat pump, it could have cost us $300 to $500 a month to get the same effect.  Also being installed on my black garage roof with the black pipes many people have not noticed the installation on the roof.

We have been very pleased with the professionalism of Edgewater and the enjoyment we have gotten from having this system at our home.  It has definitely extended our swimming season, and one of the best investments we have ever made for our home.

Townsend - Mt Pleasant, SC

  The work force at Edgewater Energy was a nice surprise. They were efficient, quiet, and cleaned the area completely before leaving each day. This isn’t always the case when work is done by contractors. This group was very easy to work with during the installation process. Each one was willing to answer questions.

The green fiber insulation with thermal shield has been a good part of the process. My husband has an office in the loft where it can be uncomfortable, even in April. He has found that so far he doesn’t need to turn on the ceiling fan. I think this will be an asset in keeping the house cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.