Solar Electricity (PV) – We specialize in grid-tie solar photovoltaic systems.  Produce your own electricity during the day and utilize the power grid at night.  We also offer off-grid packages for that remote location that doesn’t have access to the local power company


Solar Hot Water – Solar thermal systems designed to heat your domestic hot water for free! Save up to 30% off your electric bill and enjoy free hot water for many years to come.


Solar Attic Fans – Designed to cool that hot attic off in the summertime.  Our solar attic fans will keep your attic to within 10 -15 degrees of ambient temperature and help you save on your cooling costs in the summer time.


Solar Pool Heating – Extend your swimming season by up to 16 weeks with one of our solar pool heating systems.  Our clients are jumping in their pools in early March and swimming all the way up to Halloween!


Solar Tube Lighting – Do you have a dark kitchen or bathroom that needs to be brightened up?  Our solar tube lights will transform that dark room into a warm and inviting living space.


Attic Conservation – Many homeowners forget about their attic space as a source for energy conservation.  Adequate insulation coupled with our “solar shield” radiant barrier will do wonders for your attic space.


On-Demand Tankless Water Heaters – Do you have natural gas at your home?  Then heating your water with a tankless water heater is the way to go.  Enjoy and endless supply of hot water and free up space by eliminating that old water heater.


LED & CFL Lighting Packages – You will be surprised what you can save on your power bill by changing out your lighting to a more energy efficient bulb.  LED’s and CFL’s not only use less electricity, but they also don’t emit the radiant heat like the old incandescent bulbs do.


Stand by Generators – Never be without power with one of our Generac standby generators.  They feature natural gas or propane hook ups and automatic transfer switches.  A great add on to one of our solar pv systems.

Our services


We are the lowcountry's "one stop shop" for energy saving home improvements.  From installing solar panels on your roof and creating your own electricity to adding LED lights to your home-we can do it all!  We have been reducing homeowner's power bills since 2008.  We focus on the energy consumption of the entire home and recommend the best options for you and your family.