Solar electricity (pv)


The sun’s energy is reliable, renewable and abundant. EVERY MINUTE, enough sunlight falls on our earth to meet the whole world’s energy demands for ONE ENTIRE YEAR!  America is truly blessed by the sun: there is hardly another country in the world with better sun radiation to power a photovoltaic system. Clearly, utilizing renewable solar energy is more than just an environmentally friendly move. A well planned PV system provides you with a significant economical gain. It also gives you the freedom and independence you have always wanted from the ever increasing electric power bill.

Solar is Easy as 1,2,3


1.Your solar panels absorb the sunlight and converts it into direct current (DC). This will happen even on cloudy days. The generated electricity is forwarded through wiring to a transformer, called the inverter.

2.The inverter then transforms the DC current into an alternating energy (AC), the kind of electricity used by your household appliances and the utility grid. You are now powering your home by the sun!

3.The solar electrical system is connected to the utility grid through your meter. When your home generates more power than it can use, your meter will actually spin backwards. This extra energy goes to the power company allowing you night time credits.