Why Solar Pool Heating Makes Sense


Operating Costs: The increase cost of burning fossil fuels to warm your pool is eliminated! When compared to fossil fuel heaters, Solar Pool Heating will pay for itself in 3 to 5 years.


Warranty: Our 12 year warranty allows you to enjoy your pool with total assurance and confidence long after the warranty on conventional heaters have expired.


Environment: Solar provides safe, clean, renewable heat energy. It’s a Zero carbon way to heat your pool.

Hurricane resistant – Violent storms are no match for Heliocol’s durable panels and mounting method.


Long lasting – Unique, individual tube design eliminates wear from natural expansion and contraction.

Heliocol’s cutting-edge solar panel technology taps into our greatest free-energy resource, the sun, so you can enjoy comfortable water temperatures even in the cooler months. Treat yourself to the near year-round leisure lifestyle and enjoy pool parties, family fun and fantastic memories.

Make your pool an important part of your active lifestyle by heating the water with solar energy. A solar heating system will bring you many years of environmentally safe, worry-free comfortable enjoyment in your pool by employing the most available and lowest cost fuel source-the sun.

solar pool heating

Do you want to extend your swimming season to spring and fall?