Generators – Imagine your home without power? Take away that worry and install a Generac standby residential generator.  It’s simple – when the power supply to your home is interrupted your standby generator kicks in automatically restoring your power within seconds.  The generator sits outside of your home or business just like an air conditioner and is equipped with an automatic transfer switch that switches over power automatically.  You can choose to backup essential circuits or complete house coverage.  Generators are sized according to your needs.

Efficiency Lighting Packages – Did you know that lighting can account for up to 20% of your home’s energy consumption?  Not to mention the extra heat emitted by those old incandescent bulbs.  LED and CFL lighting packages are a low cost way to lower that electric bill.  They will provide you with a warm soft light at about 75% less energy.  Not to mention, they will last up to 20 times longer than the old style bulbs.  They are perfect for those highly used areas of the home like the kitchen or living room.

Solar-Shield - A home that harnesses solar is built upon a foundation of insulation and ventilation. Insulation may keep you warm, and ventilation helps keep you cool, but there’s a way to do both with one product: Solar-Shield Radiant Barrier. Created by NASA, and used to protect the space shuttle from the raw damaging solar rays, Solar-Shield is a remarkably strong, foil-like product used to actually reflect radiant heat. Place it in your attic on top of your insulation. Hide it under your floorboards. Wrap your whole home in it. Use it to create an energy efficient envelope around your home or business. The heat you pay to create will be reflected back into the living/working space during the winter, while during the summer months, the unwanted heat from the sun will be reflected out of the building.

On-Demand Tankless Water Heaters – More and more homes here in the lowcountry are supplied with natural gas.  Couple that with an on-demand tankless water heater and you have an extremely efficient and cost effective way to supply hot water to your home.  These water heaters have several advantages.  First, they eliminate the need for a traditional storage tank.  By removing your existing tank you free up space in your home for additional storage and you also reduce the risk of a leaky tank.  Secondly, they are very efficient and deliver a non-stop supply of hot water whenever you need it.  Paying for themselves in no time!

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